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Astras Ceramics BESPOKE DESIGN PROGRAM is providing tailored design possibilities for Chefs, Hospitality Professionals and Culinary Design Lovers of all kinds. Here is your simple step to get your Bespoke Inquiry Form to start your design wishes come true... 


22 years of experienced studio pottery, Astras Ceramics provides newness and holistic approach in our ceramics solutions for chefs, hospitality professionals, interior designers, and ceramic producers, in a wide range of possibilities with our custom made creations. Our customization program offers innovative, artisanal handcrafted creations to Astras Ceramics customers. Our dedication to art and nature, to unique design and production, is no ordinary in every ways. For your design solutions it is important to us to know what your creative ways, desires and needs are. Therefor we welcome you to connect and start a step by step dialogue opportunity for everything you want to see in your restaurants, hotels and indoor-outdoor creative living spaces. Highest quality production, endless options and out standing design is what really creates the best hospitable and happy place. Enhancing your design ideas with functionality and durability is also what we take care of in our design and production studios.


We will be happy to explore and expand your ideas, your stories to your clients and visitors.


Please feel free to get quotations and possibilities whether your project is a low-volume custom design or a mass production work, Astras Ceramics will be pleased to serve you.

Get a Bespoke Inquiry Form

Our teamwill get back to you, shortly.

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