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We are producers of high-quality tableware with 23 years of experience in porcelain and stoneware. Astras Ceramics delivers high-quality tableware to luxury hotel & resort brands, restaurateurs, manufacturers, creative individuals, chefs, art lovers, design collectors/galleries and museums.
Our European heritage brings a unique taste and craftsmanship and creates an impact on the guest dining experience.

About Us


Founded in Istanbul as Astras Ceramics by the esteemed ceramic artist, Dilek Aydincioglu, we are the producers of high-quality tableware with 23 years of experience in porcelain and stoneware. Our brand embodies a profound appreciation for nature, offering sculptural-like, unique dining ware pieces that redefine the art of dining. Our European lineage not only imparts a distinct flavor and craftsmanship, but also leaves an indelible mark on the dining experiences of our clients. Astras Ceramics caters to esteemed luxury hotel and resort brands, visionary restaurateurs, discerning manufacturers, creative luminaries, culinary maestros, art aficionados,design connoisseurs, galleries, and esteemed museum restaurants and boutiques. Our devotion lies in furnishing high-quality tableware that transcends mere utility, each piece a testament to artistry, enhancing the overall dining experience for our esteemed clientele.




Astras Ceramique is a visionary brand that seamlessly marries the essence of nature with sculptural finesse in their non-traditional dining ware pieces. Each creation is a unique gateway to a thrilling culinary experience, inviting you to interpret gastronomic delights and the dining space itself in a fresh, imaginative light. Brand's thought-provoking design ethos encourages creativity, experimentation, and an artistic exploration of novel ideas, mirroring the ever-evolving landscape of our society. Embraced by discerning Quebecers, Astras Céramique blends a European flair for contemporary design with a deep appreciation for uniqueness in ceramic art, delivering an alternative perspective on the art of dining.




At Astras Ceramics, we draw our inspiration from the natural world, infusing each design with the organic beauty and harmony found in the environment. This commitment to nature guides our innovative approach to crafting dining ware that is both functional and artful.

We believe in the power of form and shape to transform the dining experience. Our pieces are sculpted

with precision and care, creating visually stunning and tactile objects that elevate the aesthetics of any dining setting.

Astras Céramique embraces non-traditional design concepts, fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds. We encourage exploration, experimentation, and the daring pursuit of new ideas, allowing for a constant evolution of our brand and its offerings.

Our Brand

Sculptural Excellence 
Unconventional Creativity
Nature-Inspired Innovation
Women in Astras Family

Astras Ceramics was founded by artist and researcher Dilek Aydincioglu. The joyful creations and cutting edge designs are dedicated to the inspirational spirits of her grandmother Sappho and great aunt Alexandra. These bright twins sisters were coming from a dry cleaning family business

which was later moved to Montreal by their brother in 1965.  


Their lives were lived vividly, happily, in glamour and fame, in their beloved cosmopolitan city of Istanbul.

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