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We are producers of high-quality tableware with 23 years of experience in porcelain and stoneware. Astras Ceramics delivers high-quality tableware to luxury hotel & resort brands, restaurateurs, manufacturers, creative individuals, chefs, art lovers, design collectors/galleries and museums.
Our European heritage brings a unique taste and craftsmanship and creates an impact on the guest dining experience.

About Us


Astras Ceramics is a multi-dynamic artisan studio that started in 1999 as a non-functional ceramic studio mostly focused on sculptural work in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and now presently produces in Europe and North America. 

Coming from a Mediterranean culture and history, we see clay as an essential material that was part of the everyday life and rituals in the homes of the ancient people. We believe that contemporary space today needs new forms as a continuum of that knowledge and use, which connects people with innovation that has evolved over time and care through the centuries.


Our design creations satisfy the need of our clients in the use of earthly objects of today, by combining the past with the present. We develop a new way of using table top objects, forms, never used or seen before by using the traditional hand-building and glazing techniques for the tabletop users.

With this philosophy, we provide innovative design with newness and holistic approach in our ceramics solutions for hospitality professionals, interior designers, and ceramic producers, in a wide range of possibilities with our custom made creations. We will be happy to explore and expand your ideas, your stories to your clients. 

Women in Astras Family

Astras Ceramics was founded by artist and researcher Dilek Aydincioglu. The joyful creations and cutting edge designs are dedicated to the inspirational spirits of her grandmother Sappho and great aunt Alexandra. These bright twins sisters were coming from a dry cleaning family business

which was later moved to Montreal by their brother in 1965.  


Their lives were lived vividly, happily, in glamour and fame, in their beloved cosmopolitan city of Istanbul.

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